March 31, 2017

About Seattle Seahawks Jerseys

How it got the name
The Seattle Seahawks is a professional American football franchise based in Seattle, Washington. They are the member of National Football Conference west division in the National Football League. The team joined the NFL together with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976 as the expanding team. They founded in 1974. LloydW. Nordstrom and his family are Seattle professional football group’s main partners. The name of the Seahawks was the fans’ vote in 1975. The took part in the competition for the first time in 1976.They was a initial member of the national football conference western division (NFC west), then in 1977 turn to the American football conference western division (AFC west), but in 2002, return to NFC West. Seahawks first won the NFC championship in 2005 season, broke into the super bowl, but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. At present, the Seahawks are owned by the creator of Microsoft and the NBA Portland trail blazers boss Paul Allen, worth up to $610 million.

Different opponents, different ways, but The Seattle Seahawks collapsed in the same place. May be expected to this result in advance, so compared with last year, this time to calm many, but when reality really happened, it’s still cannot accept, which is not the result of the loss, but the team gradually began to lose the original shape.In recent years, The Seattle Seahawks is very special, as the league’s top defensive team, with its own way to dominate the league, that kind of tough feeling like the Chinese poem, wildfires burn born again when the spring breeze blows, from inside to outside, let a person be not comfortable. Nobody likes playing against The Seattle Seahawks, just as no one is like the darkness.

The development of The Seattle Seahawks
In 2010, general manager John Schneider and coach Pete. Carol joined in The Seattle Seahawks, a clear division of responsibilities, open a new era of the team. It just took three years to make a champion team, which use anodyne draft traded to Marshawn Lynch. Lynch, and selected Kam Chancellor, K.J Wright, Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell in the corner site. Almost let the gained a reputation of Legion of Boom through their own abilities. After Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin, Bennett’s arrival, let the Seahawks’ wings stronger, and defensive master Dan Quinn’s join made the team reached to a new realm.

High aspirations on four sides, a man with a knife from the world, the Seahawks in an extremely cruel way carried it to the world. After won the super bowl champion, there are someone continuously leave, but John Schneider spent a lot of money to retain the core team, and every year through the draft and free market to look for good players, and expanded the team. Even a slight deviation for the large direction, it would not be big difference. John Schneider is a wise man, the deviation is also develop according to expectation, we must admit that his personal capacity. Dan Quinn choose to join Atlanta, Richard was promoted to replace him, but who did not upgrade the defensive concept of Quinn. The original advantage in eroded bit by bit, not to say that Richard is not good as Quinn, just Seahawks defense quality is falling down all the way. Especially the second line of defense, of course, we hope that the injury is part of the reason. Actually the falcon’s defeated also prove that, the entire defense group weighed loopholes, have not idea about that. It’s just the one reason for the Seahawks to lag behind in this season.

Generation of the new appointee won in the NFL under the pattern of rapid change, they have to hand over to the alliance, sooner or later when they can no longer as before to play a game, maybe they will leave early. Perhaps in one day after two years the Seahawks would change to reform, can they back to the original appearance? It’s difficult. But memory can’t disappear, I am glad met the best the Seahawks in a best time, that’s enough. That is a kind of spirit, and a happy moment. Whether winner or not, the most important is to watch them play again. Time flies, cherish it. In 2013, when the Seahawks fly so high, I don’t know what in the world can stop them. At that time, is really good.